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Get ready to unleash your inner spiritual explorer and join the wild ride that is the Spiritual WTF?! Community! Get tickets in advance to save and dive headfirst into a world of enlightenment, laughs, and all-around good vibes.
Feeling like you want more?  Throw in an Experience Workshop (or two) to your journey and join us for an wtf-inducing day of spiritual exploration that will leave you buzzing with energy!


  • Online Presale: $7
  • Walk-in:  $12
  • Children 12 & younger: Free

Experience Workshops 

  • Online Presale: $25 
  • Walk-in:  $35 
Please Note: Admission tickets are required for entry to the event. Workshop tickets are optional and can be added to your purchase. Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and growth!