Spring into spiritual exploration at the Spring 2024 Edition of the Spiritual WTF?! Experience—where we celebrate the awe and frustration of our journey amidst the blossoming of new beginnings and growth. Embrace the weird, wonderful, and WTF?! moments with like-minded seekers as nature awakens. 

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Event Details

  • Sunday, April 28, 2024

  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Admission - $7 Online  | $12 Door Price
    Kids 12 & under free! 

  • Workshops - $25 Online  |  $35 Door Price

  • Heather Farms Community Center
    301 N San Carlos Drive
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Experience Leaders

Meet our incredible Experience Workshop leaders, each armed with their own brand of expertise and charisma to take your experience to the next level. Get ready for a journey filled with excitement, sass, and profound growth! Add on an experience workshops when you Buy Tickets

Cinthia Varkevisser

Healer / Speaker / Consultant / Coach

Prepare for a transformative "Soul Quake" session, delving into the unique essence of your spiritual gifts and discovering how to align them with purpose for impactful change.

Santana da Luz

Alchemistic Sound Healer & Spiritual Guide

Experience the transformative power of crystal bowl sound healing, elevating your vibrational frequency to promote holistic wellness and inner balance amidst life's challenges.

Greg Wilson

Meditation Teacher

Discover the art of meditation and  gain valuable techniques for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, as we embark on a collective journey into self-discovery.

Michelle Walters

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Unlock the secrets of manifestation with practical tools and techniques in this interactive workshop, where you'll learn the four essential steps to manifesting your desires.

Jeff Yukikazu Sera

Self-Development Sensei & Reiki Practitioner

Indulge in a Reiki-infused guided meditation, enriched with mudras, for a healing experience that'll leave you wondering, "WTF just happened?!"

Experience Workshop Schedule

Location: Club Room

Add on workshops when you purchase tickets! 

11:00 AM - Transformative Power of Meditation

What is meditation? How do you do it? Come and learn about meditation with Greg Wilson and Calm Collective Meditation and experience various meditation techniques. Whether you’re just starting or a meditation pro, this experience is designed to give you tools for your own personal practice. Join us, and be a part of our collective journey into ourselves.

Led by Greg Wilson, Meditation Teacher from Calm Collective Meditation

12:00 PM - Align Your Spirit to Attract What You Want

The Law of Attraction is real. Manifesting is easy, but it does take having the right perspective and the tools to make it happen. In this workshop you will learn the four steps to manifesting, activities to practice each step, and have fun along the way.

Led by Michelle Walters, Hypnotherapist & Coach

1:00 PM - Soul Quake: Unleashing Your Divine Gift for Seismic Change

Prepare for a fierce and interactive "Soul Quake" sesh! Dive into the staggering rarity of your gift, with odds of 1 in 68 trillion! Discover the immense impact of a clear spiritual purpose. Then, gear up: align your divine gift with purpose and unleash powerful seismic waves of positive change in your world.

Led by Cinthia Varkevisser, Healer, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

2:00 PM - Alchemistic Sound Healing

If music has proven to soothe your soul, imagine what the sounds of crystal bowls could do? Vibrational frequency is important for your mind, body and soul as we are being challenged this lifetime. We normally operate at 60-72 hertz. Crystal bowls offer 432 hertz to heal, recalibrate, empower and rebalance and energy.

Led by Santana da Luz, Alchemistic Sound Healer

3:00 PM - Reiki Infused Guided Meditation for Healing 

Step into a Reiki infused, guided meditation to release anything no longer serving you. Then refill your cup and receive a healing while embarking on an experience unlike anything else. 

The journey will be assisted with verbal cues for various mudras to enhance the body's flow of energy with soothing music, as the room becomes blanketed in Reiki. You'll leave wondering..."WTF just happened?" in the best way possible.

Led by Jeff Yukikazu Sera, Self-Development Sensei & Reiki Practitioner from Food 4 Thought

Talks & Presentations 

Join us at the Mystic Lounge on the Lakeside deck for an array of Talks by our mystical healers, and don't miss the chance to network and find your WTF Crew during our Meet n' Greet sessions.
Plus, head to the Courtyard for some soul-soothing performances by Kele Nitoto and Brook Leialoha, and catch even more enlightening Talks in this vibrant space where healing meets harmony. Included with Admission.

Mystic Lounge Talks

11:30 AM - Rediscover Your Gifts Through Mindfulness  

Rediscover your unique gifts through mindfulness with Nicole Santos, our Self Trust Purpose Coach and Healing Guide. Immerse yourself in this interactive Talk that will include learning helpful skills and tools to help support your self-discovering journey ending with a quick and empowering guided meditation.

Presenter: Nicole Santos, Self Trust Purpose Coach & Healing Guide 

12:30 PM - Meet n' Greet

Join us for a laid-back spiritual meet and greet – no agendas, just good vibes! Swing by at your leisure to connect with fellow seekers, share stories, and soak up positive energy in a relaxed atmosphere. It's an open invitation to mingle, socialize, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Ice breaker questions will be available on the cocktail tables to get the conversations flowing. 

1:30 PM - Reiki Illumination: Discovering Self and Cultivating Happiness

Embark on a journey through the world of Reiki, where you'll discover its origins, explore its myriad benefits for emotional and physical well-being, delve into practical techniques for stress relief, enhance relationships, and ultimately find inner harmony. This presentation will empower you to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Presenter: Karen Beckles, Reiki Master Teacher From The Funky Truth Healing   

2:30 PM - Meet n' Greet

Join us for a laid-back spiritual meet and greet – no agendas, just good vibes! Swing by at your leisure to connect with fellow seekers, share stories, and soak up positive energy in a relaxed atmosphere. It's an open invitation to mingle, socialize, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Ice breaker questions will be available on the cocktail tables to get the conversations flowing. 

3:30 PM - Journey to Wholeness: Ancestral Healing Presentation 

Join us for a transformative exploration into the profound practice of Ancestral Healing. We will delve into the essence of Ancestral Healing by uncovering its significance in our lives, and our profound potential for personal growth and healing. Experience a guided meditation intended to help you connect with your Ancestors to help empower your Journey forward in love and wisdom. 

Presenter: Carina Ponce, Ancestral Healer from Yo Soy Carina


2:00 PM - Raise our Voices
Performance by Kele Nitoto

Join us for an emotive journey as we gather to celebrate our shared humanity through the power of music. Led by Kele Nitoto, we'll engage in community singing with songs designed to guide us through moments of gratitude, grief, awakening, and celebration. With simple, accessible tunes and the option to participate with percussion instruments, we'll traverse an emotional arc, coming together to heal and uplift our spirits.

3:00 PM - Healing Through Sound and Color 
Performance by Brooke Leialoha 

Using her visual art and music to weave a tale of vulnerability, resilience, and the vibrancy of the human experience, Brooke Leialoha will bring the many shades of her creativity to the day. Transporting you to many emotional states and spaces, her music and artwork intend to give safe spaces for people to feel, not resist their emotions. May you walk away feeling renewed and uplifted during these transitional times on earth. 

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