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Experience Leaders

Meet the visionaries behind your Spiritual WTF?! Experience journey. They'll guide you through and interactive 50-minute experience where you'll receive an energetic shift, new spiritual insight,  and new 'tools' for your spiritual toolbox to level up your spiritual game. Get ready for an adventure filled with laughs and lightbulb moments!


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Cynthia Varkevisser

Healer / Speaker / Consultant / Coach

I help you find the message in your work so you can strengthen the work around your message. Uncovering your Soul Purpose is my sole purpose! With a fierce vibe on point, I guide you to own that core message, making your boss swagger strong and audacious.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Soul Quake: Unleashing Your Divine Gift for Seismic Change


Santana da Luz

Alchemistic Sound Healer

As an Alchemist of Magic, Santana is overjoyed to share with you healing vibrations with finely tuned crystal singing bowls! Born and raised in SF, CA, Santana has embraced spirituality from a very young age. Unlike most beings who choose their parents before entering this world, Santana is one of only 5% in the Universe that did not. Santana is known as a “jumper” because of it and trusts that being in the flow is everything. Now this Minister of Magic is focused on sharing much needed healing by Metaphysical Guidance, aroma therapy and crystal sound healing. Additionally, Santana’s last name is DA LUZ which literally means to “give light”. This is magical because darkness exist so light can be revealed. Illumination, flow and magic are the gifts this Minister poseses and shares willingly and with joy. 


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOPAlchemistic Sound Healing


Greg Wilson

Meditation Teacher

What is meditation? How do you do it? Come and learn about meditation with Greg Wilson and Calm Collective Meditation and experience various meditation techniques. Whether you’re just starting or a meditation pro, this experience is designed to give you tools for your own personal practice. Join us, and be a part of our collective journey into ourselves.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP:Transformative Power of Meditation


Michelle Walters

Hypnotherapist & Coach

A voracious imagination advocate, team leader, and corporate life graduate, Michelle Walters writes and speaks on themes associated with the power of mind, positivity, spirituality and the law of attraction. Michelle is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Executive Coach and Author of “An Alignment of Spirit: Finding Work You Love.” Michelle helps her clients by sharing her expert knowledge of human nature, identifying and elevating client strengths, and facilitating personal and professional transformations. She can be reached through her website at:


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Aligning Your Spirit to Attract What You Want


Jeff Yukikazu Sera

Self-Development Sensei & Reiki Practitioner

Jeff is a Self-Development Sensei and Reiki Practitioner focused on healing the physical body, emotional state, and mental well being. His business, Food 4 Thought, is an empowering, motivational, holistic service that supports YOU with fast tracking your healing journey. He works with anyone wanting to step into deeper self-development work to heal at the core. Jeff guides you through a self-discovery journey to achieve self-mastery by removing self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. He also supports you with developing self-love, self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence to reach new levels of healing, happiness and fulfillment.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Reiki Infused Guided Meditation for Healing