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Meet the visionaries behind your Spiritual WTF?! Experience journey. They'll guide you through and interactive 50-minute experience where you'll receive an energetic shift, new spiritual insight,  and new 'tools' for your spiritual toolbox to level up your spiritual game. Get ready for an adventure filled with laughs and lightbulb moments!


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Demetria Vlahos

Demetria The Medium

After a spontaneous and intense Kundalini awakening in 2015, Demetria left her corporate career and set off to gain an understanding of the psychic and metaphysical phenomenon she abruptly began to experience. 

She has since spent the last 9 years being initiated into this Work through deep introspection, isolation, training, education and development. After much resistance, learning and healing, Demetria has now accepted her calling as a Medium and is dedicating her life to use her abilities to be of service to humanity. 

Demetria is also a Certified Life Coach, is trained at the Institute for Shamanic Studies, International School of Clairvoyance, Academy of the Third Eye and has developed under accomplished mentors such as Debra Katz PhD, Jason Louv, Sharon Farber, Erin Barcellos and more.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Understanding & Developing Your Psychic Senses


Sophia Fitch

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Sophia is an experienced psychic healer and energy medicine practitioner who helps people worldwide on their spiritual journeys by awakening their inherent divinity and connecting them to their truth.

Originally studying dance in NYC, she became a certified doula and yoga instructor before developing her abilities as a psychic medium and intuitive energy healer. She discovered a passion for transformational coaching, became a Reiki master, sound healer, EFT practitioner, and earned a master’s certification in energy therapy. She has completed numerous clairvoyant and energy healing programs, studying closely with various healers. Additionally, Sophia is a musician using music for healing and is a mother to her beautiful son.

Currently, Sophia leads workshops, offers energy healings, psychic readings, and 1:1 spiritual mentorship. Her goal is to guide people through transformation by transmuting unconscious energy into higher consciousness and helping them live their truth.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Expansion - Alchemizing Fear into Love

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Santana da Luz

Alchemistic Sound Healer

As an Alchemist of Magic, Santana is overjoyed to share with you healing vibrations with finely tuned crystal singing bowls! Born and raised in SF, CA, Santana has embraced spirituality from a very young age. Unlike most beings who choose their parents before entering this world, Santana is one of only 5% in the Universe that did not. Santana is known as a “jumper” because of it and trusts that being in the flow is everything. Now this Minister of Magic is focused on sharing much needed healing by Metaphysical Guidance, aroma therapy and crystal sound healing. Additionally, Santana’s last name is DA LUZ which literally means to “give light”. This is magical because darkness exist so light can be revealed. Illumination, flow and magic are the gifts this Minister poseses and shares willingly and with joy. 


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOPAlchemistic Sound Healing


Jeff Yukikazu Sera

Self-Development Sensei & Reiki Practitioner

Jeff is a Self-Development Sensei and Reiki Practitioner focused on healing the physical body, emotional state, and mental well being. His business, Food 4 Thought, is an empowering, motivational, holistic service that supports YOU with fast tracking your healing journey. He works with anyone wanting to step into deeper self-development work to heal at the core. Jeff guides you through a self-discovery journey to achieve self-mastery by removing self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. He also supports you with developing self-love, self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence to reach new levels of healing, happiness and fulfillment.


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Reiki Infused Guided Meditation for Healing


Carina Ponce

Ancestral Healer

I am Carina, a compassionate Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, and experienced practitioner of Ancestral Healing. My mission is to guide you on your Journey towards self-discovery, healing, and Ancestral connection. With a profound understanding of the transformative power of Ancestral Healing, I offer personalized sessions aimed at unlocking deep-seated patterns and liberating you from inherited wounds.

Through intuitive guidance and energy work, I empower you to embrace your authenticity, heal ancestral wounds, and cultivate deep connections with your lineage. With wisdom and compassion, I serve as a catalyst for transformation, helping you reclaim your power and live a purposeful, fulfilling life. 


EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Journey to Wholeness: Ancestral Healing Experience