Spring into spiritual exploration at the Spring 2024 Edition of the Spiritual WTF?! Experience—where we celebrate the awe and frustration of our journey amidst the blossoming of new beginnings and growth. Embrace the weird, wonderful, and WTF?! moments with like-minded seekers as nature awakens. 

Experience Leaders

Meet our incredible Experience Workshop leaders, each armed with their own brand of expertise and charisma to take your experience to the next level. Get ready for a journey filled with excitement, sass, and profound growth! 

Cinthia Varkevisser

Healer / Speaker / Consultant / Coach

Prepare for a transformative "Soul Quake" session, delving into the unique essence of your spiritual gifts and discovering how to align them with purpose for impactful change.

Santana da Luz

Alchemistic Sound Healer & Spiritual Guide

Experience the transformative power of crystal bowl sound healing, elevating your vibrational frequency to promote holistic wellness and inner balance amidst life's challenges.

Greg Wilson

Meditation Teacher

Discover the art of meditation and  gain valuable techniques for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, as we embark on a collective journey into self-discovery.

Michelle Walters

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Unlock the secrets of manifestation with practical tools and techniques in this interactive workshop, where you'll learn the four essential steps to manifesting your desires.

Jeff Yukikazu Sera

Self-Development Sensei & Reiki Practitioner

Indulge in a Reiki-infused guided meditation, enriched with mudras, for a healing experience that'll leave you wondering, "WTF just happened?!"

Spiritual Talks

Get ready to expand your consciousness and unlock the secrets of the universe with our dynamic Talks and truth bomb sessions! Immerse yourself in WTF-inducing experience as our lineup of healers share their profound insights and expertise, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. 

Nicole Santos

Self Trust Purpose Coach & Healing Guide 

Nicole is a Self-Trust Purpose Coach and Healing Guide as well as a Bay Area native and First-Gen Filipina. Her interest with mind and body connection deepened as she obtained her B.S. in Psychology at CSUEB. She later reached the ultimate level of “success” through working her way into tech, however, she soon realized her real gifts lay with promoting healing in her community. Once she was able to break her addictive and toxic behaviors through holistic healing she knew her life's calling was to share her knowledge and gifts. Nicole now supports BIPOC in rebuilding their confidence through mindset work, mindfulness techniques, and somatic healing. Her mission is to create a safe space to help guide individuals to their most authentic selves through discovering their inner medicine.

11:30AM -Rediscover Your Gifts Through Mindfulness

Karen Beckles

Reiki Master Teacher, The Funky Truth Healing 

Karen Beckles, founder of “The Funky Truth Healing,” blends over two decades of law enforcement experience with her role as a Reiki Master Teacher. Guiding individuals towards harmony of mind, body, and spirit, Karen empowers clients to unlock their innate healing abilities. Through Reiki sessions, coaching, and holistic practices, she facilitates energy realignment and supports clients in reaching their goals. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Karen fosters communities where well-being and growth flourish. Her vision is to create holistic support networks for individuals and businesses alike, promoting self-discovery, mindfulness, and empowerment. Committed to service, Karen enriches lives with transformative collaboration and prioritized self-care.

1:30PM - Reiki Illumination: Discovering Self and Cultivating Happiness

Carina Ponce

Ancestral Healer, Yo Soy Carina

I am Carina, a compassionate Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, and experienced practitioner of Ancestral Healing. My mission is to guide you on your Journey towards self-discovery, healing, and Ancestral connection. With a profound understanding of the transformative power of Ancestral Healing, I offer personalized sessions aimed at unlocking deep-seated patterns and liberating you from inherited wounds. Through intuitive guidance and energy work, I empower you to embrace your authenticity, heal ancestral wounds, and cultivate deep connections with your lineage. With wisdom and compassion, I serve as a catalyst for transformation, helping you reclaim your power and live a purposeful, fulfilling life. 

3:30PM - Journey to Wholeness: Ancestral Healing Presentation

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